Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Know It's Exam Week When...

...You have legitimate anxiety about blue books - How many?!? For what exams?!? Did I put them in my backpack this morning?!?

...Anytime you walk on campus you hear more than one person saying, "I just decided not to study."

...Anytime you walk on campus you hear more than one person saying, "I just decided to study all night."

...It is acceptable to look like a slob, you need to be comfortable when taking an exam.

...It is acceptable (though I question these people) to actually look cute, you need to feel put-together when taking an exam.

...The Nest is out of turkey, ham, roast beef, and tomatoes - but they do have plenty of egg salad!

...You either have 97 meals left or you've been out of meals for two weeks.

...You see people walking back from Giant with "clinking" groceries and get jealous that they're done with exams already.

...Before your math exam more than one person admits their greatest fear in life is having calculator batteries die during a test.

...You decide writing a blog post is a way better use of time than studying for your afternoon exam.

...You "share" your post on facebook because Lord knows everyone studying is really just looking for another way to procrastinate.

Good luck on exams everyone!

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  1. my stomach dropped (is that the right feeling/saying?? lol) when I read the calculator battery one and I'm not even a math major. That would be horrifying!!!
    Also I found myself wanting to "like" these as I read them lol