Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under Construction

Things look a little different around here!  I have been trying my best to refresh the look of this ol' blog but I am having a few technical difficulties. 

Why is the picture at the top just not willing to be centered? 

Yes, I've noticed that the blue font color of the title doesn't exactly match the blues in the background pattern. 

How do I decide where I place my gadgets?  They seem sad stuffed down at the bottom of the page. 

Oh well, things are going to stay like this for the time being.  At least it's brighter and more cheerful than the old layout - perfect for spring and summer.  The picture at the top needs a little work.  I did my best in iPhoto boosting its color and trying to make it look real purrty but I'm no expert at photo-editing, like you couldn't tell already...

The good news is, school is out for the summer so I've got four months to really work on this blog layout thing.  Let's call it my summer project.  I need some input though, is the music nice or just terribly annoying?  That's all for now since I've been on blogger way too long today...

1 comment:

  1. The music shouldn't start playing automatically. I usually don't like it when Sara Bareilles starts playing over the music I already have playing. Keep up the good work!