Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bonjour Blog!

Dear Blog,

Are you feeling neglected?  Perhaps you feel a little bit stuck in March?  Maybe this first post in April will put some spring in your step - even if it is hump day...

Who doesn't like starting their day by actually having to wait for the library to open.  I tried to pretend I was waiting to enter an exclusive club or some brand new museum exhibit.  It didn't really work.  The good thing about getting to the library before it opens is that the chance of someone taking your favorite study alcove is very low.  My cozy study spot on the second floor was vacant at 8am, as was pretty much the entire library.

I know what you're thinking.  Is this post about going to the library all day?  That sounds really boring!  I know, I was at the library, it is boring.  Good thing this post gets better.  After the library, I went to class - woohoo!

Professors were in especially odd moods today.  The morning began with Mathematical Economics.  Mathematical Economics, I love you.  I will optimize equations with you any day of the week.  You maximize my utility.  I know, you're jealous.  Not everyone gets to take a course combining math and economics.  I am so lucky.  Anyways, aside from my love of this class, anytime a professor tells a student that he will "freakin' fail them!" - not just fail them - you know it's going to be a great day.  Such enthusiam in that class!

Later, another econ professor alluded to a possible rap video being produced within the department.  Akon meets Econ.  I just hope the line "Malthus is my boy" makes it into that musical number somewhere.  I cannot wait to get "down with the logit" during Econometrics in the Fall.

And finally, we end with French class.  Oh French.  You are ridiculous with your gender/number agreement rules and other grammatical silliness.  Vocabulary should be easy compared to grammar, right?  Not today.  How did Madame Rose describe our vocabulary for this chapter...oh yes, that's right.  She said, "Gosh!  This is like learning something in a foreign language!"  I'd say she is exaclty correct with that statement.  Things kept getting better when she asked us our favorite television shows.  What's mine?  Hello, The Real Housewives of Orange County - Madame Rose said, in French, "Oh my, I worry about you children..." 

We moved on to exercises from the book.  It was about consummation.  Just kidding.  That's how Madame Rose read the instructions to us at first and then she burst out laughing.  The exercise was actually about alcohol consumption in France vs. consumption in the U.S.  She asked my "camarade de classe" to read number three out loud: "Et toi, qu'est-ce que tu bois a une soiree?"  My job was to respond.  So I said, "Je bois...jus de fruits?"  I'm not sure Madame Rose believed me so she instructed the class to do everything in moderation.

Au revoir,

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