Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Here's the story - The summer after my freshman year of college my Grammy (Mom's mom) passed away.   . After she died, my mom started to find pennies quite frequently.  I remember she told me that one day she found one while she was golfing and thinking it was someone's ball-marker, she asked the ladies she was with if it was one of theirs.  It didn't belong to anyone.  Sure, maybe a previous golfer had forgotten about it, but I prefer believing in what one of my mom's golf buddies told her.  Pennies are little reminders from someone up in Heaven that they are thinking about us.

After that, my mom continued to find pennies.  She would find them after visiting my Grammy's grave and leaving flowers or going by my Grampa's house to bring him some soup she'd made or his laundry that she'd done.  I remember when we found a penny together over the summer.  My mom and I had gone to BJ's and decided that we would surprise my Grampa with a new computer monitor.  We took our time deciding which one would be best for him and once we were done with our shopping, as we rolled our cart through the parking lot, what do we find - of course, a penny!

My mom moved me into school this year and what should we find on the floor of the brand new, never-been-lived-in apartment - of course, a penny!  A few weeks ago I was meeting some girls I had only met once before for dinner.  I was really anxious about it for some reason and the whole way there I tried to give myself a little pep-talk about not worrying so much about meeting new people.  When I arrived at my destination and went to sit down in the only remaining empty seat, what should be sitting right right there for me to find - of course, a penny!  And just today, after playing a little game of phone tag with my Grampa, he called me and left a voice message, I called him back and left a voice message, I sat down at the library and what is beside me on the floor - of course, a penny! 

Maybe the point of this story is that I am just frugal and always looking for an extra penny.  If you'd like to think that, go right ahead.  I am frugal, but I also think that someone up in Heaven is keeping her eye on me and the rest of my family.  "Find a penny, pick it up.  All day long you'll have good luck!"
By the way, the penny doesn't have to be heads up.

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