Thursday, October 13, 2011

Triple Threat

I happen to believe that there is a direct correlation between quantity of butter shown and quality of a post written.  Butter is better - can I get an "Amen, Paula Deen!"?  There's a lot of butter in this post - it might just knock your socks off.  

Exhibit A: Yup, it's confirmed, get ready for an awesome post 
and an even better recipe.

Just in case three sticks of butter wasn't convincing enough, how about a GIANT bowl of milk chocolate chips, bittersweet chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips?  Three kinds of chips = a triple threat.  Get it?

 Oh you weren't sure just how big the bowl of chips was?  Let's compare it with the bowl of cookie dough.  Who doesn't love an equal ratio of dough to chips?!?

(Disclaimer: All that butter in the first picture was not just for one recipe.  I used it to make a huge batch of cookies as well as a small batch of muffins.) 
 Here are some of the finished cookies.  Did you know that muffins and cookies like to hang out on cooling racks together and discuss current events.  
On this particular day they debated about the use of applesauce as an oil substitute in brownie recipes.  They also spent a bit of time talking about the pros and cons of silicone cupcake liners - sure they can be used again and again but they can be a pain to clean!

As good as these cookies look, they tasted about a million times more delicious.  This is one of my new favorite cookie recipes and it came from someone who knows just a bit about baking -
Bakerella - the queen of cake pops!

You should really try her recipe.  I used peanut butter and bittersweet chips instead of white chocolate and butterscotch ones but try whatever combination you want - customize your cookies!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let Me Break It Down for You

Don't you just love midterms?  They really bring out the best in everyone.  Midterms allow us to see how people deal with stress.  You've got those quiet, withdrawn individuals who spend more time in the library than anywhere else.  There are those people who seem to think they are the only ones in the world with exams to study for and assignments to complete - they also believe complaining is their job and they strive to make sure everyone knows just how much stress they are under.  Let's not forget about the angry people, muttering under their breath between classes and ferociously flipping blue-book pages during tests. 

It doesn't matter how you deal with stress because we're all ultimately working towards one thing.  The end goal of all this stress is Fall Break.  Glorious Fall Break.  That two day hiatus from class that might not seem like much to others but for students, it is the ticket to sanity.

For me, breaks are always perfectly timed with when I'm really starting to get sick of the whole school deal.  I'm tired of coming back and finding that the door to Eagle Landing is broken (again) and I have to walk around to the other side.  Yes, this is making a mountain out of a molehill, but when you're late for a meeting and you need to grab something from you're apartment, it's an annoyance.  I'm tired of eating a naked burrito (no tortilla, por favor) every Monday and Wednesday at Seacobeck.  Sure Friday breakfast sandwiches add a bit of variety to my lunchtime fare, but sometimes the biscuits are dry and as a biscuit-enthusiast this is incredibly upsetting  I'm tired of setting my alarm early so I can complete a reading assignment before class only to hit snooze six times and annoy the heck out of my roommate.  I'm even tired of logging onto Facebook to procrastinate doing homework - thank goodness I have blogs to follow and Pinterest to keep me distracted and unproductive!  Now I'm sure you are tired of hearing me complain.  This only strengthens my point - it's time for break, people so let's just power through the next two days!  Good luck on your exams, assignments, etc. and I hope your Facebook newsfeed is more entertaining and distracting than mine.