Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Days

Dear Rainy Days: You are perfect for sleeping in, eating pancakes, drinking coffee, and cranking out homework assignments.

Dear Tornado Warnings: You don't scare me!  But please just remain as a warning and not an actual tornado...cause than I might be scared.

Dear New Haircut: You are growing on me.  You make for some pretty epic bedhead which is always amusing.  I worry though, that without regular trims, you might start looking like a mullet - not.cute.

Dear Yesterday's Runners: That was more man-thigh than I ever needed to see...

Dear Target: I cannot believe I made it out without purchasing anything, not even a dollar section item!

Dear Blog: You have over 1,000 views.  That's really great and all, but don't get cocky.

Dear Reader: Happy Weekend!

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