Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sNOw Classes?

I want a snow day. I really want a snow day.

A snow day is the best excuse to do the following:

Sleep in late.
Make pancakes or waffles and eat a leisurely breakfast.
Stay in pajamas - all day.
Watch movies, especially rom-coms or chick flicks.
Bake just for the sake of baking.
Read for pleasure, certainly not for classes.

A snow day should never be used for any of the following:

Exorbitant amounts of studying.
Extra workouts or exercise activities.
Excessive shoveling or ice removal from vehicles/driveways/walkways.
Any activity that could be deemed highly productive.

It seems like every student has a different ritual to bring about the elusive snow day. Until I came to college I had no idea that by wearing my pajamas to bed inside-out or performing a "snow dance" would really, truly increase the chance of a school cancellation. You see, I went to Catholic school. What ritual did I perform? Prayer, duh. In high school, I tended to switch out some Our Fathers or Hail Marys for the following:

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus,

I swear that I did not intentionally put off studying for my Bioethics test until 11:30pm. It's just that Gossip Girl was on and then I had to finish my calculus homework and then I wanted a snack and then before I knew it I had spent forty minutes on checking the hour-by-hour forecast. By the way, they're calling for snow, just saying. So...please, cancel school convince Sister Mary Grumpypants that NDA should be if You give me a snow day I promise I will never ever ask for another one ever again - until the next time I have a test and snow is in the forecast...

Also, is snow really the angels having a big pillow fight? That would make sense since thunder happens when you're all bowling up there and rain is when the sprinklers are turned on in heaven...


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