Monday, January 3, 2011

Bloggy Blog Blog

I’ve gone back and forth about starting another blog. Last year I kept my first blog ever to receive “Experiential Learning” credit for school as I studied abroad. It was a good way to keep friends and family updated on what I was doing gallivanting across Ireland and mainland Europe, as well as helping me preserve the details of my travel memories.

This past semester I started bopping around on Blogger to read others’ blogs. It’s way more productive than idling away on Facebook….sort of. Reading posts by other people actually made me miss my own blogging days of yesteryear. So I began to think – why not start a new blog?

Reasons not to start a blog:

1. Commitment: Starting a blog means actually posting on it. Those of you who followed my past blog know this may have been an area I struggled with a bit – oops.

2. Boring: Ok, sorry fellow bloggers, but some of you are just boring. If I can’t even finish reading one post without getting distracted, you’ve lost me as a reader.

3. ME ME ME: Sometimes blogs become an outlet for an individual to become completely self-centered in what she writes about. The world really should revolve around me, but it doesn’t (unfortunately) and a blog should not revolve solely around me either.

Those are three pretty good reasons not to start a blog. I’ve mulled it over though and finally I’ve decided: What the heck! If I want to blog, gosh darnit I’ll blog! So whether you read it or not, it’s here. I’ve got high hopes for this blog. Tales of family and friends, heroes and heroines, wins and losses, love and heartache, comedy and tragedy…did I leave any other cheesy clichés out?

Get ready 2011, it’s gonna be blogtastic!!!!!

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