Saturday, January 15, 2011

C'est progrès!

This semester, French has become a class I actually do not dread going to in the afternoon. Why? Most likely it is because my French teacher is awesome. She is a retired high school language teacher with a southern accent you only hear in movies - less twang and more wholesome, southern belle. Of course the southern accent disappears when she speaks in French. It is replaced with the "ooh-la-la" factor that makes the French language très chic.

She is also hysterical.

When going over vocabulary words for food we spent a few minutes repeating the French words for cheese, blue cheese, and goat cheese. Madame Rose then asked if anyone could think of another typical French cheese. Plenty of people said "brie?" Madame Rose's response, cue southern accent: "Oh my goodness! Do y'all really know what brie is? Lever le doigt (lift your finger, like American's "raise your hand") if you have heard of brie!" Everyone in the class had heard of brie. This amazed Madame Rose who then told us, "Y'all when I was your age, no family in America just had brie sitting in the refrigerator. We didn't even have feta cheese that often! Oh my, this is progress!"

For a brief moment, with my knowledge of brie, I felt like a real Francophone. Merci, Madame Rose! What progress we have made!

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