Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year (Sort of...) of Blogging

I have to say "sort of" because there were long stretches of time when I kind of forgot about this blog.  That probably worked out well for you though, I can imagine I get to be a bit boring at times.  Hard to imagine you might not want to read about every little detail going on in my life but I suppose you may have better things to do.

Blogging is such a craze this day.  It seems like almost everyone has one.  I love reading the blogs I follow and I'm always finding new ones to explore.  It is a little weird though that just by reading what someone chooses to publish on the internet I can begin to feel like I actually know them quite well.  I admit, I can be quite the blog stalker.  Perhaps this habit is a bit unhealthy but I figure as long as I don't start actually stalking anyone, I'm okay.

5 Things I learned from blogging for a year:

1. I care a little too much about other people's opinions of me.  There have been many times I have not posted something I've written because I'm afraid of what other people would think of me.  That's kind of lame and something I am hoping to work on in the future (that's right, the blog will live on for at least a little while longer).

2. My blog title is "made by maura" that alone signals that it is kind of all about me and a little self-centered, sorry.

3. When I get a new follower it's like having someone friend request you on facebook - way more validating than it should be.

4. Writing is therapeutic for me.  This year I kept a journal pretty consistently and I've realized that it is an incredible outlet.  Writing down random thoughts, worries, and hopes helps me organize every little idea bouncing around in my mind.  I cringe when I read over things I've written and I would kill anyone who read it without permission, but it is nice to have a little book of my history.  I laughed out loud the other night reading over a short paragraph I wrote about winning a kickball game, but they say life is all about the little things so I guess that's why I chose to journal it.  Also, I'm not the best at telling people out loud what I'm feeling so writing short notes, emails, and letters has become a good way for me to make sure my friends know how much I appreciate them without me having to awkwardly fumble over words or even worse, hug them. : )
So long story short, I enjoy writing and a blog is a great way to fuel this hobby and passion.

5. If I wanted to, I could force myself to blog more regularly or even on some sort of set schedule.  But I don't want to make this a chore.  When I do blog, I really enjoy it and for me, that's enough.  Sorry December, you got zero blog posts - and I'm ok with that.

So there you have it, my first ever blogiversary and 2012's first post.  Thanks for reading!

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