Sunday, March 6, 2011


Time to kiss vacation goodbye...

But before I do, here's a little preview of what I did on vacation
and what you'll get to read about in this blog very soon!
I know, you're excited.
Who wouldn't want to read about fun stuff other people did!
I promise I will make it entertaining though.

Highlights from Savannah/Hilton Head:
1. Eating at Paula Deen's restaurant The Lady and Sons
(Two words, people: Cheese.Biscuits.)
2. Miraculous recovery of a wallet and (most of)
its contents after it decided to go for a joyride...
on the roof of the car...on the highway.
3. Tying the record high temperature in Savannah,
rockin' that Southern Belle sundress!

Charleston/Folly Beach/Kiawah Island Highlights:
1. The ocean - 'nough said.
2. New crew neck sweatshirt, completely acceptable
as long as I never wear it with a turtleneck and/or "mom jeans."
3. Avoiding awkward encounters with hostel-mates in Charleston,
almost tops playing with cute lil' puppy also encountered at the hostel.

As you can see from those brief highlights,
the Spring Break Southern Belle Sorority Bonding
Road Trip was quite the success. Now it's back to reality though.
Less than two months until final exams and summer vacation.
Where has this semester gone???

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