Friday, February 25, 2011

Sigh of Relief

I just let out a sigh of relief. Spring Break is here. Yay.

I tried to post earlier but blogger was being lame and kept telling me "Error, I am being lame, your post will not publish." Ok, that's not exactly what the error message said, but that is how I interpreted it.

This post was just going to be a short rant on how I completely screwed up an exam today, but lately the power of positive thinking has been doing good things in my life, so maybe I will give it a try instead of sinking into a dark pool of negativity.

I am going to bake those french toast muffins tonight. Thanks, Mom, for supplying me with two loaves of Cinnamon-Swirl Bread. You're my favorite, don't tell the others. I cannot wait until the smell of sweet cinnamon-vanilla goodness fills my apartment.

My French professor let us out early today. I debated just skipping the class since it was at 3pm and I got little sleep last night in order to study for an exam I bombed, but my conscience got the best of me. That's ok. I secretly love the days before breaks when classes are at least half-empty. Yeah, I know, I am a big dork - deal with it.

Lately I've been intrigued by the theory of self-awareness. I'm reading the book Blue Like Jazz and it's just a small part of what the author discusses, but it seems really cool. Maybe I'll be able to find another book that talks about it more.

Sometimes, ok that's a lie, basically all the time, if I am ever in a situation that is somewhat awkward, my first choice of how to deal with feeling uncomfortable is to use humor. If you know me, you know that by humor, I really mean sarcasm. I enjoy sarcasm and dry senses of humor but I'm beginning to realize that I might want to figure out a bit of a more mature way to deal with "grown-up" situations. Is this just one of those "Gee, I am really getting older" moments?

Speaking of getting older, the other morning I scared myself half-to-death when my roommates left for class in the morning and left their cereal bowls in the sink. I actually said out loud "Oh come on guys, the dishwasher is empty! Load the darn dishes!" When did I become my mother?!?! (Not that that is a bad thing, my mom is awesome - see above note about the bread, people!) But really:

1. How many times do my parents say the exact same thing to my siblings and me...
2. There are definitely times I just leave my dishes in the sink hoping my roomies will take care of them for me. So yes, I was being hypocritical and crazy when I decided to talk out loud when no one was home.
3. I guess number one is a sign that I am getting older but number two just proves that I'm still just a kid - thank goodness!

Alright, time for me to get out of my gym clothes, possibly have a good sob about my exam while listening to the saddest songs ever on my shower-playlist, and then pack, pack, pack for my Spring Break Southern Belle Sorority Bonding Road Trip, otherwise known as SB^3 RT!

Over and out.

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