Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wrapping up Resolutions

Well since it is already February I figured I should finish up my final post on my third goal for the not-so-new-anymore year.  So far, I feel pretty good about how I've done working towards this goal during the month of January.  So without further ado, goal number three: pray more often.

I don't discuss it too often with other people, but my faith is one of the most important things in my life.  Faith, to me, is a relationship with God that is always changing and developing.  This year I want to strengthen my faith with a more consistent prayer life.  For some, prayer involves getting down on your knees and reciting prayers like the Our Father or Hail Mary.  I've realized that I prefer writing down my own prayers or listening to uplifting music on my iPod and really reflecting on the lyrics and their meaning. 

This post will be short because like I said, I don't discuss my faith too much with others.  Part of this is because I really don't like when people try and push religion on others so I don't want to do that myself.  Part of it is also because I am still working on getting to a place where discussing my faith feels completely comfortable.  Maybe I should pray about that. : )

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