Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do You Feel that Draft?

I've got eight, count 'em, EIGHT posts sitting as drafts in my good old blogger account.  Bad news: they might stay there for a while.  Good news: this new one is going all the way to "Publish"!  There are lots of things I'd love to blog about but it seems like there are many times when I start writing a post only to suddenly second guess myself and put it on the back burner.  And then this little habit develops, it's called ignoring your blog, which is lame.  I am guilty of this and hanging my head in shame as I type.  Really though, if I'm going to make the assumption that something I write deserves a spot somewhere on the web, shouldn't I actually post something then?

And this brings us to my goal of the week.  That's right, I have a goal of the week.  Don't judge me, maybe that should be your goal of the week.  My roommate (oh hey, Lindsay!) and I are really awesome sometimes like to have little chats before hitting the hay and a few nights ago we decided that we should each pick a small goal to strive for this week.  My goal, can you guess it?  Stop second guessing much, maybe?  I don't know, should this be my goal - just kidding!  But that's me showing you an example of how I second guess myself.  Really though, the amount of times I stop myself from saying or doing something because I'm afraid of other people's judgment is just silly.  Silly!  It's time to stop all the second guessing.  Now, how am I going to achieve this goal?  Well that little tidbit is still in the works.  Posting this baby is a good way to start though.  Now it's your turn.  What's your goal of the week?  Try out a new recipe?  Talk to the kid beside you in class?  Actually make your bed in the morning?  Actually come up with a goal of the week?  Whatever it is, let's all be goal-setter go-getters!

P.S. - Blogger had some technical issues when I was typing this and logged me out twice.  So this post ended up being saved as a draft...sometimes it's hard to break habits!

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