Thursday, October 13, 2011

Triple Threat

I happen to believe that there is a direct correlation between quantity of butter shown and quality of a post written.  Butter is better - can I get an "Amen, Paula Deen!"?  There's a lot of butter in this post - it might just knock your socks off.  

Exhibit A: Yup, it's confirmed, get ready for an awesome post 
and an even better recipe.

Just in case three sticks of butter wasn't convincing enough, how about a GIANT bowl of milk chocolate chips, bittersweet chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips?  Three kinds of chips = a triple threat.  Get it?

 Oh you weren't sure just how big the bowl of chips was?  Let's compare it with the bowl of cookie dough.  Who doesn't love an equal ratio of dough to chips?!?

(Disclaimer: All that butter in the first picture was not just for one recipe.  I used it to make a huge batch of cookies as well as a small batch of muffins.) 
 Here are some of the finished cookies.  Did you know that muffins and cookies like to hang out on cooling racks together and discuss current events.  
On this particular day they debated about the use of applesauce as an oil substitute in brownie recipes.  They also spent a bit of time talking about the pros and cons of silicone cupcake liners - sure they can be used again and again but they can be a pain to clean!

As good as these cookies look, they tasted about a million times more delicious.  This is one of my new favorite cookie recipes and it came from someone who knows just a bit about baking -
Bakerella - the queen of cake pops!

You should really try her recipe.  I used peanut butter and bittersweet chips instead of white chocolate and butterscotch ones but try whatever combination you want - customize your cookies!


  1. I wish! Unfortunately those 60 or so cookies disappeared in record time...they might make a comeback after fall break though. : )

  2. Well let me know BEFORE they even start to be made - I wanna help make and bake and ultimately eat them!