Monday, August 29, 2011

That's the Way the (Fortune) Cookie Crumbles

Tonight, my fortune cookie at dinner read, "It's time to break out of your routine and try something new."  Maybe my fortune cookie was trying to say, "Hey, why don't you snap out of this routine of having a blog but not posting to it, you ninny!" 

So here I am, posting after a long hiatus.  Blogging is a great thing to do if you're procrastinating school work, not if you're enjoying the dog days of summer.  There must be something about the dim light of a college dorm room that gets my creative juices flowing and my blog posts a-typin'.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for my senior year of college - woot woot.  Is it weird that for the past three years, I've worn the same tank top on the first day of classes.  Freshman year I planned my outfit and the shirt was relatively new.  Sophomore year I think it was just a strange coincidence.  Then Junior year rolled around and it just seemed silly to wear something else.  So yes, I've worn the same shirt all three years and tomorrow should be no different, right?  But what about this fortune cookie message?  Those things are always right, just ignore the occasional grammar error.  Is it time to change my routine and switch up my "first day of class" outfit?

While this fortune cookie might appear to be fitting for the start of a new school year, I honestly think it would be more appropriate a few months from now - when exams are over and my diploma is in my hand.  Then it will really be time for a new routine.  I'll join a group of new graduates trying to figure out where their life is headed and if it's actually the direction they want to go in.  It will be scary and exciting, filled with challenges and rewarding experiences.  The routine of college will shift (hopefully) into the routine of full-time jobs and a whole new set of responsibilities.  Next year will be all about trying something new.

That being said, for now I choose to ignore my little fortune cookie scrap of wisdom.  I like routines and habits and schedules.  I like being organized and knowing what is coming next.  I especially like my favorite blue tank top and yes, it will make an appearance on my first day of classes.

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